We climber, we shaper, we pour, we love our holds.

There are 1563 days since we cut our first form in our garage.

We are a team of young climber, shaper, material engineer and enthusiasts engaged in hold production.

Based on PU material, we aim to provide lighter, stronger and more resistant holds with aesthetics.

who are we


Yaojun Ge

Yaojun “The Teacher” Ge

Our main shaper is Yaojun Ge. He competed as an elite climber years ago and is now training youth climbers for National Youth Team.                                     

After feel bored being a high school teacher, Yaojun started shaping in our garage.

In 2021, he has brought both his students and holds to the National Games of PRC.

Louie “The Legend” Anderson Start shaping from 1980s, Louie is one of the most experienced shapers. He has shaped for dozens brands, including Dimension Volumes, Kingdom Climbing , Element Climbing, Working Class and So ill.

Louie Anderson

The National Games of the PRC is the highest-level climbing competition held in mainland, China, since the IFSC world cup was cancelled due to COVIC issue.
Anti Gravity Holds is one of the four local holds suppliers and servers the largest for the competition.

Major Supplier of The Nation Games of the PRC


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