Polyurethane (PU) is a kind of polymer compound. Material toughness is much higher than resin, not easy to break, thickness is lower than resin, strength and toughness is higher than resin, can make giant points. There is no need to add filler, so the dispersion of color paste is high, you can make a beautiful rock point, and after cleaning as new, which is not resin point.

Patented PU formula achieves 78 ShD shore hardness.

High abrasion resistance
Lightweight, making it easy to mount the larger holds

Its flexibility enables it to absorb impacts and deformations
More expensive than polyester (+15 to 20%)
Light stability. All the pigments we use have a high light stability.
The second generation is under developing.


safety system

All of AGhold’s polyester holds use the Safety System.  Should a hold accidentally break (most often during installation), only very small pieces will break off, with no risk to users on the ground.

AGholds are equipped with the Insert System, meaning they are compatible with both flathead (CHC) and countersunk (FHC) screws.  Our inserts also provide better distribution of forces on the base of the holds, which improves their resistance.  It is important to use the recommended torque depending on the size of the holds:

Hollow Back

The lighter, the easier to set. It takes effort to achieve lightness.


There is no toxic release in the production process

Aiming for more eco-friendly, AG cooperated with recycling company to
recycle and reuse PU leftover during production..


The Dual-Texture technic allows easier control of grip surface.
It looks great.

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